Get Lots of Wedding Candids

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Get Lots of Wedding Candids

Putting a one-time-use camera on each table at your wedding reception is a nice idea, but there are two drawbacks. First, it's expensive - by the time you pay for the cameras and the film processing, you'll have blown half your honeymoon savings. And, second, you'll only get candids from the reception.

But thanks to digital photography, you can get plenty of candids of your wedding, too - and you can have all the pictures for free. Here's how:

Invite your guests to snap away with their digital cameras at both the wedding and the reception. (No flashes during the ceremony itself!) Let them know you'd like to "borrow" their memory cards before they leave. Then post a friend at the exit with a laptop computer and a multi-card reader at the door.

As guests are leaving, they can stop briefly so your friend can download the images from their digital camera's memory card onto the laptop. (Create a new folder for each guest's photos. Name the folder after that person to keep things organized.) Now you'll have tons of candid shots of your wedding and reception - at no extra cost!

Post the best shots on a photo-sharing site like Kodak Gallery ( so all your guests can see them. Plus, they can order copies of the pictures they like right from the site. To let everyone know how to find the photos, print up instructions and insert them in your thank-you cards.

Voila! You get more great candids of your wedding - and you save a bundle in the process!



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