Locate Any Shot

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Locate Any Shot

Pros tend to keep good records. But when you've been shooting for a few years - especially outdoors - it can be tough to conveniently keep track of exactly where every shot was taken.

Not any more, thanks to a clever device from Jobo.

The Jobo photoGPS is a tiny device that attaches to your digital camera's hot shoe and tags every shot with the location - with an accuracy of about 10 meters. And at just over 2.5 ounces, you'll hardly know it's there.

The photoGPS supports JPEG and RAW files and stores data for about 1,000 shots at a time. You synch the data with the picture files in your computer via a USB connection, using the photoGPS software provided. (The software works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.)

At $175, it's a little pricey for amateurs, but it's a great tool for digital pros who want accurate location data for their photo files.

You can learn more about the photoGPS at www.jobo.com.



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