Pro Lighting Secret for Outdoors

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Pro Lighting Secret for Outdoors

Outdoor light can be very uneven. And if you don't want your subject squinting into the sun, chances are good you'll wind up with a lot of shadow on their face. Here's a little secret pros use to solve this problem.

It's called a reflector.

Reflectors are exactly what they sound like: surfaces that reflect light. And basic two-sided folding models start at about $10.00.

If there's too much shadow on your subject, simply angle the reflector to bounce light onto them. You can use a stand or a friend to hold the reflector, and then shoot away. Your subject comes out well-lit, and you look like a genius.

Reflectors come in several sizes and configurations. A good choice for a portable reflector is a two-sided 12" model. They typically fold to about 1/3 their oringal size, so you only need a 4" spot in your pack or camera bag. Good choices are silver/white or silver/gold. Gold will warm the reflected light, which can be especially pleasing when shooting portraits.

Reflectors are effective for any fairly close work where shadow is a problem and flash might make your shot too bright or unnatural. And at just $10.00, it's one of the cheapest accessories you'll ever love.



6/15/2011 10:45:40 AM
john pemberton said:

You can even use paper on smaller subjects. Change the color and add warm or colder light. Works on fill light with strobe too. Just place the strobe pointing into the paper, foil, or even a paper towel to get a softer fill.


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