Not Exactly New, but...

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Not Exactly New, but...

Okay, I have to confess: I'm biased. I like German engineering. For instance, I loved my Volkswagen Jetta. It wasn't as reliabel as my Toyota Corolla, which replaced it, but it was so much more fun to drive.

And so it is with cameras. You pay a premium for German cameras... but they're just so elegant. (I barely use my 2 MP Minox DD1 A Diamond. But it's a thing of beauty I'll treasure for many years.)

So when Minox recently introduced the DC 8022 WP, I sat up and took notice. The WP stands for "waterproof" - though that's not a new idea. It features a 3x internal optical zoom - also not a new idea. And its 8 MP resolution is nothing spectacular.

But it's a Minox. And that means German engineering. It is a shiny thing of beauty. All gleaming silver. Compact. Clean lines and simple design. Oh, it's German through and through.

Backpackers, kayakers, snorkelers - and any other outdoorsy-types, for that matter - who want utility plus style couldn't ask for more. It's pocket-sized, virtually weatherproof, water tight down to 10 M, and... well, it's German.

Sure, we could probably pay a little less for a Pentax or Olympus digital camera... but in an image-conscious world, what's a few bucks? Expecially when you can save 10% through the end of April by buying direct from the Minox online store. (And they deduct the VAT for US customers.)



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