New iPhone Improves on Camera Abilities

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New iPhone Improves on Camera Abilities

When Apple releases an update to a hot product, it's usually a good one. The latest iPhones are no exception. One of the great things (for photographers) is what they've done with the iPhone's digital camera.

There's been plenty of grousing about the current iPhone's camera, but I've found it more than adequate for quick snapshots. I love the wide angle lens, the preview screen is amazingly bright and the results are remarkable for a "mere" 2 megapixels.

But the new iPhone 3Gs takes the iPhone's camera to a whole new level. There's a 50% bump in resolution, auto focus, digital video with sound and a few other nice features. Togeether, they make the iPhone a reasonably decent camera. There's no flash, but the dinky flashes on most phones - those that have them - aren't really very useful, anyway.

I realize the iPhone's camera is a far cry from the 8 MP models now floating around out there. But with all it's other capabilites, this is just icing on the cake.



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