Casio Goes Long... Lens, That Is

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Casio Goes Long... Lens, That Is

Well, mark Casio as the latest digital camera manufacturer to enter the "compact superzoom" category. The new long-zoom Exilim EX-H10 is due out in July.

Unlike most long-zoom cameras, compact superzooms maintain more-or-less pocketable size, while offering an optical zoom lens with more reach than usual. In the case of Casio's new model, the size is about 4" x 2.5" x 1". And the optical zoom is a 10x (equal to 24mm - 240mm on a 35mm camera).

But the size and zoom aren't the features of the EX-H10 getting the most attention. Instead, it's the battery. According to Casio, the EX-H10 will shoot 1,000 photos on a single charge of it's lithium-ion battery. That's about triple the capacity of other digital cameras in its class.

Snapshooters will appreciate the EX-H10's small size, along with it's 3" LCD, HD video capability and 12 MP maximum resolution. But more serious shooters will probably be less excited by the relatively slow lens (f/3.2 - f/5.7) and tiny sensor.

Still, Casio has a good reputation, and - for its intended audience - the EX-H10 will probably prove an able performer.



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