Good-bye, Kodachrome!

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Good-bye, Kodachrome!

Okay... I know this is a digital photography blog. But the end of Kodachorome is such a milestone event in photography that I can't ignore it.

For photographers who've been around a while - like me - Kodachrome is the gold standard of films. Kodachrome slides provided (arguably) the richest, most accurate colors for generations. Kodachrome's passing is a little like losing a favorite uncle.

I haven't shot a roll of Kodachrome in years, but I still confess Kodachrome provided me with the best color I ever shot. I haven't seen a digital camera - let alone another film - that could match Kodachrome for vibrant, "alive" color. But, like so many others, I've traded quality for ease. My digital cameras provide very good color fidelity.... and that's been good enough for me.

So, we wish Kodachrome a fond farewell. When even "National Geographic" moved on (to digital photography), we all knew it's days were numbered, anyway.



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