Good-bye to Ritz

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Good-bye to Ritz

Ritz Camera filed for bankruptcy protection in February, shuttered its unprofitable Boater's World marinas and closed about 400 stores. Apparently, that won't be enough for the one-time phtot retailing giant. The Washington Post reports Ritz is looking to sell or shutter the remaining 370 stores before the end of the summer.

The reason? Not enough cash. The economic downturn has hit America's malls hard - and that's exactly where many of the remaining Ritz stores are located. Add that to the fact that digital photography has severely cut the number of photos being printed, and you can see why many Ritz stores just aren't doing much business.

According to the Post, Ritz has filed a request with the US Bankrupty Court to either sell it's remaining stores or to liquidate by July 24. And, yes, that's just a couple of weeks away.

If you have a print order waiting at Ritz, you better pick it up soon...



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