It's in the Bag

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It's in the Bag

When we talk about digital camera accessories, one that's often overlooked is the camera bag. And that's too bad, because choosing a bag is one of the most important decisions you'll make outside of selecting your digital camera itself.

Now, if you're a snapshooter with an ultra-compact, pretty much any bag will do. Or your purse or pocket, for that matter. But for anyone shooting with a digital SLR, high-end digital rangefinder or other, more advanced camera, the bag can often make the difference between getting the shot and not getting it.

My first consideration for a camera bag is protection. Second is acessibility. And third is capacity. I'll leave an accessory or two behind if it means compromising my gear or missing important shots.

And - here comes the advertisement - that's why my favorite bags are made by Domke. Designed by a pro for pros, there's no waste here... and they have all the features a serious photographer needs. They're heavy cotton canvas and padded only where they really need it. (Why carry the extra weight?) They're reinforced where your bag really needs it. And there's no compromise in the quality of the hardware.

Best of all, you can get at anything you need quickly. The layout is open, so you never have to stuggle to get at a lens or other accessory. I use the F-3X "Supercompact" bag all the time, except when I'm on the trail.

Domke bags don't look as fancy as some other brands. And you pay a premium for the quality. But when it comes to performance, I've never found them lacking.



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