iPod Digital Camera Rumors Swirling Again

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iPod Digital Camera Rumors Swirling Again

Adding a digital camera to Apple's hugely successful iPods seems like a no-brainer. And that's probably why rumors of just such a move crop up with every pending update. Well - although famously tight-lipped Apple isn't saying anything - there are those who think they know for sure this time.

According to Fast Company, Apple has recently placed a suspiciously large order for digital camera units. And third-party manufacturers are already producing protective cases for the next generation of iPod Touch and iPod Nano models - with cut-outs for a lens.

Considering how good the iPhone's digital camera is (the new G3s sports a snappy 3MP unit that also shoots decent video), why wouldn't Apple extend the technology to its bread-and-butter iPod products?

This would be bad news for makers of entry-level digital cameras, though.

According to Computer World, Apple has already sold over 11 million iPod Touch units in the US alone. Add to that the roughly 26 million iPhones in use in the US, and you have a lot of consumers who don't need to carry a separate camera. That's especially true of younger consumers, who tend to do most of their photo-sharing online - where high resolution isn't an issue.

So, will the new iPods really roll out with a digital camera? As always with Apple, only time will tell. But stay tuned, because this could get very interesting.



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