Nikon Announces An Easy Way to View Your Pictures

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Nikon Announces An Easy Way to View Your Pictures

One big advantage digital cameras have over film: instant gratification. You can take a shot, then immediately share it with others via your digital camera's LCD screen. But it can get a bit awkward passing your camera around for everyone to look at the tiny 2.5" (or so) screen.

Not any more, says photo behemoth Nikon. In September, Nikon will debut the Coolpix S1000pj, the world's first compact digital camera with built-in projector. The S1000pj features 12 MP resolution, a 5x (28 - 140mm 35mm equivalent) optical zoom lens, movies iwth sound... and a 10-lumen compact projector.

The projector operates from 10" to about 6' from wall or screen, with a maximum picture width of 40". That's a lot easier for your friends and family to view than the tiny LCD on the back of most cameras. And the Washington Post reports the projector works pretty well in a dimly lit room. They were even able to get a viewable picture with the projector set 10' from the screen - though it was a bit fuzzy at that distance. (Not to mention well outside the projector's stated range.)

The S1000pj will allow you to play back individual shots or movies with sound. You can even create slideshows and set them to music - all from within the camera. Nikon claims the projector will operate for about an hour on the camera's battery at full charge.

The S1000pj will retail for about $430. And, yes, it even comes with a projector stand.



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