Why a Leica?

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Why a Leica?

Fans of the digital SLR sometimes have touble understanding why some professionals have - for generations - preferred Leica's rangefinder cameras. Never mind that Leica rangefinders were for monay years the only cameras alowd on PGA golf courses. Or that Leica photographers were the only ones to get certain shots.

Here's the scoop: Rangefinders have a particualr advantage over SLRs... and it's silence. While digital SLR's have done away with shutter noise, there's nothing they can do about mirrors. The movement of the SLR's mirror makes noise. And on golf courses and in natural surroundings, that clunking noise might as well be a gunshot.

That's why so many pros have remained faithful to Leicas over the years - even into the digital age. Leica's rangefinders are not only unsurpassed in quality, they're the quietest quality cameras our there. And in certain situations, that's a priceless quality.

Leicas are unobtrusive. And they provide shots every bit as good as top-of-the-line SLR's. They're optics are unrivaled... their fit and finished unchallenged.

You pay more for a Leica - there's no question about that. But for some professional applications, a Leica digital rangefinder is unquestionably the best camera for the job.



5/28/2011 12:42:19 PM
Hmmm said:

My m9 is heavier and just as loud as my 5d2 with equivalent 50mm lenses.... No sense continuing the myth of quiet cloth shutters in the digital age.

9/8/2011 6:16:26 AM
CJ said:

I guess the real question is Can you justify having one?
Possibly in the future, the Leica will come under threat from high end Mirrorless DSLR's.


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