Flickr Reaches Questionable Milestone

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Flickr Reaches Questionable Milestone

The word is out: Flickr, the mega-popular photo-sharing site - has reached another milestone. But this one probably isn't what you'd expect.

Flickr recently announced a new top digital camera in terms of images uploaded to the site. Exept it's not really a digital camera. According to Flickr's latest numbers, the "camera" uploading the most images to the site is now... Apple's iPhone.

This is no small feat, considering the iPhone's competition consits mainly of digital SLRS such as Nikon's D80 and the Canon Rebel XTi. Especially when you consider that the iPhone sports only a 2 MP digital camera (the new iPhone G3s includes a 3 MP model).

But it's a sign of the direction that digital photography is taking. Practically everyone carries a cell phone these days - and any camera you have is better than one left at home. With instant Internet access, cell phone photographers can also upload to Flickr directly from their phones. It's far easier than with a "serious" digital camera.

And for many snapshooters, the combination of ease and convenience makes it a no-brainer. If you think about it, ths new twit was probably inevitable.



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