Neophytes Still Gushing About Fuji's 3-D Camera

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Neophytes Still Gushing About Fuji's 3-D Camera

I'm a long-time Fuji camera fan. My second SLR was a Fuji (before they were known as "Fujifilm"), and I absolutely loved it. And I'm still impressed with some of their ZLR's.

But Fujifilm's 3-D camera? Sorry... been there; done that. You see, I used to work for Qualex, Kodak's former photofinishing arm. And I remember the 3-D film camera mess.

Fuji's 3-D W1 is similar to the film-based 3-D cameras that were promoted a few years back on one of the big TV shopping channels. Two lenses create separate images that are combined on one print. (Or on one viewer, in the case of the digital version.)

3-D movies were quite a fad in the 1950's. They're a fad now. But it's a gimmick. And 3-D photos are a gimmick, too. The cost-to-benefit ratio just doesn't work out.

Yes, PC Mag is gushing over the "new" Fujifilm 3-D W1... but they haven't "been there; done that." I've seen the novelty wear off before... and I believe the novelty will wear off again.

Fuji is capable of producing terrific cameras... and some of their cameras are genuine bargains. The features far outweigh the cost. (I just recommended a Fuji model to a college marine program, because it absolutely crushed the competition for the price.) Fuifilm's ZLR's are some of the great bargains of the photo world.

But 3-D? Sorry... everyone's entitled to make a mistake. And I think this is Fujifillm's... in spite of what the folks at PC Mag may think. At $600 - more or less - buyer's remose will quickly set in.

Why would you spend $600 for a 3-D camera, when Fujifilm's Finepix S1500 is available for under $175? This 10 MP camera has a zoom that extends from 33 mm to 396 mm. No, it's not 3-D. But it will produce excellent results for less than a third of the price... and you won't need a special viewer to appreciate those results, either. And it's priced far less than the competition, to boot.

So let the neophytes "ooh" and "aah" about the 3-D pictures. Just be careful you're not sucked in by their enthusiasm. 3-D has come and gone before. it may stick around a little longer with animated movies this time. But photos? I doubt it.



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