Polaroid Redux

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Polaroid Redux

Just when we thought we finally put the last nail in Polaroid's coffin, the instant film maker has bounced back. Of course, it's as a completely different company, since Polaroid sold off the rights to its name at the end of it's second bankruptcy.

Be that as it may, Britain's "Telegraph" newspaper is reporting that Polaroid instant cameras are coming back. Accoring to the "Telegraph," the cameras will be manufactured under license by a company in china, while the film will be closer to home. The paper reports that the film will be made in Polaroids former plant in The Netherlands.

Coming on the heels of Fujifilms introduction of an instant film-only camera... and competing with the Polaroid brand's digital/print PoGo line... there will be stiff competition. But instant film fans and retro camera buffs should remember this week as one full of good news.



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