No waiting for Wedding Pics

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Why do you get your wedding album faster if you use digital photography?

No waiting for Wedding Pics

No matter where you get married (a church, a wedding hall, a mountain top) they all have one thing in common—the wait for the wedding pictures. When a photographer uses film, processing needs to be done in order to produce the pictures and this means you need to wait. Usually, this wait is long since wedding studios often have a back log of wedding photos that need to be processed. *Since digital wedding photography needs no processing, that process is eliminated from the equation—dramatically reducing the time it takes to get the initial proofs and your final wedding album.



10/16/2011 1:54:22 AM
Andrea McLaughlin said:

Completely untrue statement! Digital wedding photos ARE processed! Images are shot in RAW, processed, cropped, edited and adjusted before the client sees the work.The time involved is no shorter than for film. Please don't spread incorrect information like this!


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