Keeping Your Keepsakes

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Why is it easier to choose digital wedding photos for an album?

Keeping Your Keepsakes

Digital wedding photography offers couples the chance to save money by eliminating the need to go to the wedding studio for the wedding proofs. The initial digital photos are downloaded the wedding studio's personal website. To view the digital wedding photos you need only clink on the wedding studio's link, type in a code. And you'll be able to view all of your wedding pictures. Don't attempt to print them out, however, as thay are usually at a lower res. (this means they are ok for viewing, but “eh” for printing). Studios are convenient for many reasons:

• In some cases you can make your final choices for the wedding album right online
• The link is that it's available for everyone to look it
• Relatives from all over can view the wedding pictures on their time in their home and order prints
• You can create your own digital wedding albums for your computer with decorative wedding templates
• If storage is an issue you can host your digital wedding album on websites like



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