The ABCs of a Wedding CD

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Why would you want a CD of your wedding pictures?

The ABCs of a Wedding CD

Not too long ago the only way to see the final wedding pictures was to be at the person's house. The happy couple would have to lug out the big book and pass it around. Using digital wedding photography means that you not only get the classic album, but you can also get the final digital wedding photos on a CD.

If you go digital, when it comes time for wedding picture viewing you can just pop the CD in a computer or on the TV (through a DVD player.) Everyone will be able to see all the pictures at once. Also, since the CD is portable and easy to copy, you can bring it anywhere without fear of losing your precious original album.



1/28/2012 2:31:05 AM
Stuart said:

But, DVD/CD's are on the way out. Some new computers no longer have ability to play CDs, but have multiple USB ports. How will you play your CD in 5/10 years time. Togs and clients need to future proof ability to see their wedding photos.


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