Digital Can Keep it In-House

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Why does it cost less to use digital photography in your business?

Digital Can Keep it In-House

Historically, unless a company processed a high volume of film, film processing was outsourced - even if they had a skilled photographer on staff. Space, chemical safety, silver recovery and many other considerations meant that processing simply wasn't an option for most companies.

The delay in seeing results led many pros to turn to instant photography - Polaroids - to set up shots, and then hope that the shot looked the same on the negative or transparency as it did on the Polaroid. Of course, while this option increased the chances of getting the shot you wanted, it also added to the expense.

The introduction of digital photography has changed all that - and helps to explain why pros and commercial enterprises were often early adopters of digital technology.

Digital feedback is almost instant. You can check a shot, make any necessary adjustments and shoot again - all in a matter of moments. In the digital studio, reshoots are almost unheard of.

But time isn't the only thing digital pros save. The same computers and printers that run the studio's business can also be used to edit and print digital photographs. This can save businesses engaged in digital photography a fortune in equipment costs.

And, in the end, keeping jobs in-house means faster service and lower costs for the customer, too.



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