Pros Can Do More with a Digital Image

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How do companies edit digital photos today?

Pros Can Do More with a Digital Image

In advertising, editing photos used to be a time-consuming process. In fact, many ad agencies routinely turned to companies that specialized in retouching to correct or alter images - which added to their cost of production.

Today, digital photography hasn't just changed the the way we shoot and "develop" photos, but how we fix them, too. Computer retouching software like Adobe's Photoshop can do everything a retouch house can do... and more. Even better, the job can often be handled in-house by the agency's graphics department.

As with processing, the agency saves money and time by keeping photo retouching in-house.

Another piece of equipment that's a big help with photo retouching is a scanner. Scanners convert photos to digital images, again eliminating the need for any outside help. Once the image has been digitized, of course, the process becomes the same as with any digital image.



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