‘Tis the Season for Portraits

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What are other things you can use your digital portrait image for?

‘Tis the Season for Portraits

Thanks to digital photography, it's easier than ever to give photo potrait gifts. These make perfect holiday keepsakes for grandparents, godparents and far-flung relatives and friends.

Simply pose the family for a digital portrait, then use the digital file to create an astounding array of gifts. Of course, there are always traditional framed photos. You can have them printed at a traditional photo lab or an online service - or even print them yourself. But the list is much longer.

Mugs, t-shirts, holiday ornaments, mouse pads, calendars, mock magazine covers, baseballs... the list is nearly endless. You can also have hard-or soft-cover books printed. And "photo clings" stick to almost any surface, but can be removed and restuck to nearly anything innumerable times.

Or take a series of portraits - group and individual shots - load them on a digital picture frame and present that to grandma and grandpa as a holiday gift.

You can even send your family portrait to everyone on your list - and still have it appreciated. Just take your favorite digital shot and print it on your holiday cards.



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