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Do Your Contest Homework

Some people seem to have a knack for winning photo contests. And I can tell you one reason why.

They do their homework.

If you're thinking of entering a photo contest, look at the winners from past years. Often you'll see that the same style of photos win year after year - especially when the judges remain the same.

By doing your homework, you'll have a better idea if you have a photo that will catch the judges' eyes... and thus increase your chances of winning.

How do photo image editing contests work?

Photo Creation Contests

Magazines don't just host digital photography contests. Some also hold contests for related areas.

One of the more popular types of contest deals with photo editing. Entry into these digital art contests is often free, and they have a number of different categories, such as best morphs, best photo art design, etc.

If you decide to enter one of these contests, check the entry requirements carefully. If your entry doesn't match a requirement - such as file type, file size, or other detail - you could find yourself instantly rejected.

How do digital photo contests work?

Do You Have a Winning Shot?

Digital photography has not only made it easier for people to take photos, but to share them as well. This has turned a lot of everyday snapshooters into serious photo buffs. And some photo magazines have helped fuel the fire by hosting free digital photo contests.

These digital photo contests are often held monthly - to follow the magazine's publication schedule. Usually, the contest is broken into a variety of visual categories, such as best sports shot, best landscape shot, etc. The prizes offered can range from inexpensive merchandise to photo trips and high-end cameras. And the winning shots are usually published in the magazine.

To enter one of these contests, just follow the instructions in the magazine or on the magazine's website. But keep in mind, if you have to submit an actual print, make sure you have a copy. In most cases, the contest won't return your photo.

What are things you should watch out for when entering photo contests?

The Contest Catch?

Before you enter any digital photo contest, remember to read the fine print. For example, some contest rules state that all submitted images become their property. That means they can use the image wherever and whenever they want.

Most photo contest sponsors are honest and reasonable... but read the full contest rules carefully. Some contest entries require that you grant a full license to the sponsor for the use of your digital images - including commercial use. In other words, you grant them the right to sell your pictures to others (and they get to keep the money!).

So, be careful about which contests you enter. And, if you do have to sign anything make sure you understand what it is your signing.

What are camera phone contests?

Contests Without Cameras

Smile for the… phone? There are all kinds of digital photo contests out there. But some of them don't want you to use a digital camera.

To call attention to new camera phone models, some cell phone companies have created their own version of a digital photo contest. Instead of cameras, however, people are asked to use their camera phones.

Be aware that these contests sometimes require the use of a specific brand or model of cell phone - or may be open only to subscribers of a particular phone service. So, before you enter, make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements.

What are professional digital photo contests?

Contest for Companies

Digital photo contests exist in the business world, too. They 're usually run by image-based industries such as advertising and journalism. Submissions are usually open to companies outside the sponsoring organization.

If your company enters a digital photo contest, keep in mind that there is usually a fee to participate. Also, the winners usually don't care as much about the prizes as they do about the pride involved. After all, a win in any of these contests is great for business - they earn the right to say they're an award-winner (which can be a big attraction for perspective clients).

How can digital photo contests help land you a job?

Enter to Interview

Digital Photography contests aren't just in magazines. You can find photo contests sponsored by websites, photography associations, companies, and even museums. But no matter how different they are, they can all help you in the same way: They all give you a chance to show off your work.

If you're serious about working in the digital photography field, this could be your ticket in. Winning any of these contests looks great on your resume. In fact, include the contesst on your resume even if you only make it into the final couple of rounds.

And even if you don't win, at the very least, it'll be a nice icebreaker when you go on an interview.

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