Digital Photography Frequently Asked Questions

What are megapixels?

What are problems of using film?

Why would you need a memory card for your digital camera?

Why should you go with digital wedding photography for a wedding?

Why do you get your wedding album faster if you use digital photography?

Why is it easier to choose digital wedding photos for an album?

Why would you want a CD of your wedding pictures?

How has digital photography helped advertising, PR and journalism?

Why does it cost less to use digital photography in your business?

How do companies edit digital photos today?

What type of memory card should you buy for a high-end camera?

Why is it easier to shoot black and white shots on a digital camera?

How can you convert digital photos to black and white pictures?

What type of printer do you need for black and white digital photos?

What is Sepia?

Why do people post online digital galleries?

What file size does your digital photo need to be for an online gallery?

How does using a digital camera make you a better photographer?

How can online photo galleries help you be a better photographer?

What is the best way to create digital art photography?

How can image editing software help you create a digital art photo?

How are computer printers more in tune to digital photographer needs?

Why would you need a digital printing service?

What are the benefits of using an online digital photo website for photo prints?

What type of software is usually included with your digital camera?

Why do digital photos print differently from how they look on screen?

What other things can digital photo editing software do?

What are some problems a camera flash can cause when shooting digital portraits?

What are hints to taking great self-portraits?

What are things to keep in mind when photographing kids?

What are other things you can use your digital portrait image for?

What do filters do for your camera?

What type of equipment should you bring along for an outdoor shoot?

What do you do if your landscape subject is too familiar?

Why would you include people in your landscape photos?

When is it best to send a digital photo out to be enlarged?

Why should you mount enlarged digital prints?

What is a portable digital picture viewer?

What other devices can you use to view digital photos?

How can you see your digital photos on your TV?

What are cell phone photo viewers?

How do digital photo contests work?

How do photo image editing contests work?

What are professional digital photo contests?

What are things you should watch out for when entering photo contests?

How can digital photo contests help land you a job?

What are camera phone contests?

What is the difference between optical and digital zoom?

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