Linhof Techno

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Linhof Techno

Serious landscape and architectural photographers, take note: Legendary camera maker LInhof has introduced the Techno, a classic medium format camera for the digital age.

For a bellows camera, the Techno is light and compact - just over four pounds and about 7.75" x 7" x 4.75" (without back, bellows closed). But it has all the adjustments you'd expect from Linhof... both the front and rear standards shift horizontally and vertically, with a swing and tilt of +/- 10 degrees.

The Techno accomodates any lens - with mechanical or electronic shutter - that mounts on a Technika lensboard. Besides fitting digital backs, the Techno can be used with certain rollfilm backs from Linhof, Mamiya and Horseman. Many accessories designed for Linhof's M 679 also fit the Techno.

The Techno is aimed at demanding pros and should be available in the second quarter of 2009. But don't line up to buy one just yet. Though no US price has been announced, Linhof's cameras aren't cheap. The M 679 sells for around $8,000.



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