Will Apple Conquer the Camera World?

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Will Apple Conquer the Camera World?

Most people don't remember the Apple QuickTake cameras... except perhaps as a footnote on a Wikipedia page. But back in the mid-1990's thes low-res B&W marvels were hot stuff.

Unfortunately for Apple, the QuickTake never really took off, and Apple disappeared from the camera world.

Fast forward a few years, and Apple has muscled its way into a few other consumer electronics categories - such as smartphones. Research in Motion's BlackBerry has been king of the smartpone/PDA jungle for years. But "MacWorld" magazine says that Apple's iPhone carved out a respectable 15% share of the category - in just its first year on the market.

Now which.co.uk reports another remarkable Apple feat: the iPhone is the #4 "camera" used to post pictures to the popular photo-sharing website flickr. The other four cameras in the top five are all DSLRs (three Canons and a Nikon).

Imagine what would happen if Apple ever put a decent digital camera into the iPhone. We'd probably see "NY Times" photographers using them for front page photos...



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