Kodak Comes Roaring Back

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Kodak Comes Roaring Back

Most of the news out of Rochester in recent days has been pretty bleak... but not this week. Kodak has two products coming out inthe spring that both deserve at least a second look.

First up is the ZX1 a HD pocket-sized digital camcorder that's also weather resistant. Kodak's second HD camcorder will have a 2.2-inch screen, record to SDHC cards and features a sealed mic and speaker. It's not waterproof, but it's usable in rain and snow.

Even bigger news is the new Z980 digital camera - which sports an incredible 24x optical zoom. The zoom starts at a very respectable 26mm (35m equivalent) - which means true wide angle shooting. And since it's a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, the quality should be excellent.

Besides the incredible zoom range, the Z980 also features a built-in flash, an accessory hot shoe, a detachable vertical grip with shutter release, image stabilization and a 12 MP sensor. The Z980 will also offer programed auto exposure, along with shutter- and aperture-priority options and full manual.

There are no reviews available yet. But with a suggested retail of $399.99, this super-zoom may be the best news from Kodak in years.



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