Cool Toy from Consumer Electronics Show

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Cool Toy from Consumer Electronics Show

For those of you with a hundred bucks to spend on a cool toy, get your PayPal accounts ready.

Liquid Image has introduced a dive mask with built-in digital video. The Underwater Digital Camera Mask looks a bit clunky, but offers a true point-of-view record of your snorkling adventures. (The depth rating is only 5M - about 16-1/2 feet.)

The built-in digital video/5.0 MP still camera operates on two AAA batteries. The 16 MB internal memory can be supplemented by micro SD cards up to 2 GB. That's a god thing, since the built-in memory is good for just 29 full-resolution images.

The the fixed-focus camera produces pretty fair VGA (640 x 480) video. Especially considering the challenges of shooting underwater.

The company has a couple of videos up on YouTube, and I suggest you watch them before you buy. One thing you'll discover quickly is that underwater digital video can be just as boring as video shot topside... even when it's set to music.



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