TI and Samsung Team Up for Breakthrough

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TI and Samsung Team Up for Breakthrough

Samsung has been a leader in the cell phone market. More recently, their digital cameras have begun to garner some rave reviews. Now they've gone one step further, thanks to a partnership with Texas Instruments.

Now that 8 MP digital camera/phones are practically old news, Samsung has just introduced cell phones that include a projector, using the TI DLP Pico (TM) chipset.

Yes, you read that right: a normal-sized cell phone that can project images up to 50" wide, depending on lighting conditions.

And, Samsung hasn't forgotten the camera, either. The I7410 (W7900 in Korea) also packs a 5 MP digital camera. And it's a full-featured smartphone, as well.

Imagine being able to receive a presentation in real-time out in the field, and then project it on a screen stright from your phone. Or preview the photos you just took with your 5 MP digital camera/phone on the spot - larger than life!

Unfortunately for folks in the US, imagine is all we can do. Though the I7410 will be available in Europe and Korea this month, there's no word on a US release date.



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