Nikon S60 - Touchscreen With a Twist

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Nikon S60 - Touchscreen With a Twist

Nikon's latest point-and-shoot is the sleekly styled Coolpix S60. Thanks to providing access to nearly all functions via touchscreen, the S60 has only two buttons - both on top of the camera. And because the zoom lens is internal, there are virtually no breaks in the camera's smooth surface.

Featuring a 10 MP sensor and a 5x optical zoom, the S60 packs plenty of punch in a fairly small package. But the feature that really makes this digital camera stand out is the touchscreen focus. Just tap on any object on the screen, and the camera changes focus to that object. In tests, the feature worked very well in good light.

Some reviewers have found, though, both the touchscreen focus and picture quality were less than perfect in low-light situations.

The S60 shots I've seen taken in normal-to-bright light have been tack sharp with excellent color. The macro feature also produces great results. But the flash pictures I've seen so far are somewhat disappointing - dark and grainy - especially when you consider this is a Nikon.

With a sugested retail of $299.99, the S60 is a bit pricy for the features. But the sleek design and fun touchscreen - and the fact that it's readily available online for around $50 less - might just make the Coolpix S60 the piont-and-shoot digital camera for you.



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