Same Liquidator, Different Day

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Same Liquidator, Different Day

The dust has barely settled on Circuit City's liquidation, and the cycle is beginning at Ritz and Wolf Camera Stores. (The Ritz chain is closing 300 of its 700 stores as part of its bankruptcy reorganization.)

If you were unimpressed by the prices at Circuit City, you probably won't be any happier at your local Ritz. Word on the street is that the same liquidator is handling Ritz's sale. That means you can expect prices to be jacked up to MSRP.

Of course, that shouldn't be much of a hike, since Ritz's prices generally haven't been all that competitive, anyway.

If you're looking for any new digital camera equipment, you'll probably be better off comparison shopping online. With 300 stores remaining open, bargains on current digital cameras don't seem likely.



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