Arca Swiss Rm3d

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Arca Swiss Rm3d

Arca Swiss has been making high-quality cameras for more than 80 years. And while the name may not be a household word, the company was a pioneer in digital camera backs. In fact, they have nearly 20 years' experience in the field.

The company's latest hot product is no back, though. It's another well-made camera - with the option of going film or digital.

The Rm3d is a boxy 7.25" x 8" x 1" (approx.), but the size allows for multiple formats up to 6x9 cm - including 645 digital backs. The Rm3d also features both horizontal and vertical displacement and tilt.

But what makes this model truly interesting is that it's designed for hand-held use - and features an optical rangefinder adaptable from 23 - 210 mm.

The Rm3d was introduced at the latest Photokina show... but this model doesn't appear to have hit US dealers yet.



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