HD Video on the Cheap

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HD Video on the Cheap

High-def video is getting more and more accessible, as a visit to a good online camera outlet quickly shows. 720p video is now nearly everywhere - and getting sheaper by the day.

Not to long ago, the "Flip" digital camcorders were all the rage. But lately, quality HD video has even made the Flip a bit pricey. Example: The well-received Kodak Zx1, which retails for about $50 less than the Flip.

But the pricing goes even lower. I've found 720p camcorders for under $70. Of course, these "no-name" cams probably aren't any better than their price suggests... but they're a cheap entry for those wishing to experiment.

If you're serious about cheap HD video, Sanyo makes models for under $200 that produce decent quality video and provide nice features like a 5x optical zoom.

But whatever your price point, HD video is within your reach.



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