The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds

Medium format camera systems are expensive... but offer photogrphers clear advantages. And "clear" is the key word here.

Medium format film cameras use a much larger negative then 35mm, resulting in crisper prints that enlarge to much greater sizes. And, as we've discussed before, medium format digital cameras provide the same advantage.

With the introduction of three new digital backs for the Mamiya 645AFD and RZ67, Mamiya has upped the ante a bit. The M18, M22 and M31 fit either model, and offer 18, 22.1 and 31.6 megapixel images, respectively. And while those numbers don't sound impressive, these next ones will:

Most "prosumer" or advanced amateur digital SLR cameras use an "APS-C" sensor. These sensors are about half the size of a frame of 35mm film. HIgh-end digital SLR's use "full-frame" sensors - bout 24mm x 36m.

Mamiya's new backs carry much larger sensors. The smallest, the M18, is 44.2 x 33.1mm. That's nearly twice the size of a full-frame digital SR's sensor. And those larger pixels mean sharper pictures with much less noise.

Witht the 645AFD and RZ67, you have another advantage: both can handle Mamiya's film backs, offering you top-notch quality... and the best of both the film and digital worlds.



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