A Handy New Way to View Your Photos

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A Handy New Way to View Your Photos

You're on vacation. You've just spent the day hiking through Yosemite and you want to share your pictures with your friends back at the hotel. Until now, that meant downloading your pictures to a computer, hooking it up to a TV or passing around your digital camera so people can view little, tiny pictures on the camera's LCD screen.

But who wants to have to haul a computer around on vacation? And are you really going to remember to pack the right cable to connect your digital camera to your hotel room's TV? Chances are, you're stuck with option #3 - and those tiny shots of Half Dome just won't impress.

Enter the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj - the world's first compact camera with a built-in projector. No computer? No problem. Forgot the cable? Forget it. Tiny screen? Who cares? With the S1000pj, you can view your photos and movies on a screen or wall at widths up to 40". You can even create slideshows with music in-camera.

The S1000pj features a 12 MP sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens (28 - 140mm in 35mm terms) and movies with sound. Plus, of course, that handy projector. And it's all in a 4" x 2.5" x .9" package, weighing in at about 6 oz. with the battery.

The S1000pj comes with a handy projector stand. Nikon even throws in a remote control that operates both camera and projector.

The projector is rated at 10 lumens - strong enough to throw an image 40" wide from about 6'. But it's easy on the battery. Nikon estimates the projector will run about an hour on a fully charged battery. That's more than enought time to run your Yosemite slideshow - and impress the heck out of your friends.



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