A Mobile Photo Editing Option

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A Mobile Photo Editing Option

iPhone owners just received another gift. This one comes in the form of digital photo-editing software. It's a mobile version of Adobe's industry-leading program, Photoshop.

Don't expect to be able to make the kinds of detailed adjustments to your photos as full-blown Photoshop. Or even approach the functionality of the slimmed down Photoshop Elements. But Adobe's iPhone app is a pretty nifty little program.

To begin with, it's about as easy to use as chewing gum. Within two minutes of downloading Photoshop.com Mobile, I had cropped a photo, adjusted the exposure, increased the saturation and added a border. When I saved the edited photo, the program automatically gave it a new file name. So I didn't lose the original.

iPhone users should have no trouble adjusting to the gesture-based editing. You drag corners and reposition crop lines with your fingers. Scale adjustments are made by simply dragging a finger to the left or right. Photoshop.com Mobile even offers black & white and a handful of other effects filters.

If you have a Photoshop.com account, you can upload photos directly from your iPhone. You can also access all the photos in your Photoshop.com account from your iPhone. (Adobe offers 2 GB of storage for free.)

Photoshop.com Mobile will never replace full-featured editing software, but it's a handy way to tweak your iPhone photos. And, hey, it's another reason to spend time using your avorite mobile device...



1/7/2012 9:45:00 AM
saniah taslim said:

im not using iphone..is it photo can be edit with this mobile..nokia c3 only..


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