Adobe Announces Lightroom 3

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Adobe Announces Lightroom 3

Adobe has long been king of the hill of photo editing software. But not so much when you're talking photo management.

To fill that gap, Adobe introduced Lightroom - a combined photo editing and management software package that competes more or less head-to-head with Apple's popular Aperture. Lightroom doesn't have as robust a set of editing features as Photoshop, but it has the management tools Photoshop lacks.

Now, Adobe is releasing the public beta of Lightroom 3... and promising users a beefier set of features. Among those features are:

* Improved noise reductionfor shots taken at high ISO.

* Streamlined import of images - a welcome touch as image files grow larger and larger.

* A watermarking tool for protecting your images.

* Direct posting to photo-sharing sites from within Lightroom.

While lightroom may be a bit much for the average snapshooter, for serious amateurs and pros alike, it's been a hit. And the new features make Lightroom 3 a tempting upgrade.

For those interested in trying it out, Adobe is offering the public beta version for free at Access will be available until the beta version expires in April of 2010.



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