Sony Announces New Digital Photoframe... With a Twist.

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Sony Announces New Digital Photoframe... With a Twist.

Sony may have just come up with the next big idea in photo-sharing. The new DPP-F700 (available in January 2010) combines a 7" (diagonal) digital photoframe with a compact 4" x 6" digital photo printer.

While digital photographers have always had the option of printing and displaying their photos, the DPP-F700 is a convenient way to do both. And because the frame includes an image capture feature, viewers can easily select the pictures they want to print - even while running a slideshow.

Unlike Sony's digital cameras, the DPP-F700 doesn't lock you into the company,s proprietary Memory Stick format. Besides a USB connector for downloading from your computer, the new Sony digital frame/printer accomodates most common memory cards, including Memroy Stick, SD, MMC, x-D and Compact Flash.

At 7", the frame is fairly small... and prints are limited to 4" x 6". But the DPP-F700 looks to be a handy way to share your photos with family and friends - both on display and in print.



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