India's ET Now: "Extinction" of Digital Cameras Looming

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India's ET Now: "Extinction" of Digital Cameras Looming

Is the digital camera nearing "extinction"? Yes, according to India's "ET Now" television program. Apparently, the advent of 12 MP digital camera phones sounds the death knell for camera-only devices.

Really? While a 12 MP digital camera in a phone is nice, even the best digital camera phones have a distinct disadvantage. And that disadvantage is they carry relatively tiny sensors. And those tiny sensors can't compete with the larger sensors gaining popularity in digital cameras.

You see it's not just the number of pixels that matters. Pixel size counts, too. Bigger sensor... bigger pixels... better picture. Because tiny pixels create "noise."

What seems even odder is that this announcement comes from a nation where film is still something of a growth industry. A cheap 35mm camera and a roll of film are within the financial grasp of millions of Indians for whom a digital camera is still an expensive dream.

Even in a saturated market such as the US, digital camera sales continue to be strong. I think the digital camera can safely say, as Mark Twain once did, "The report of my death was an exaggeration."



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