Don't Miss Some Terrific Holiday Deals

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Don't Miss Some Terrific Holiday Deals

Everyone loves the holidays for the big sales most stores hold. And digital cameras are a hot sale item this year.

But looking beyond the stores could save you unexpected cash on digital cameras and accessories. You see, manufacturers are offering a few tasty deals of their own.

Take Olympus, for example. They're offering $20 off three point-and-shoot models - with a free camera skin... but only on their website. And they've cut 20% - 60% from the regular price of various bags, skins and backpacks. If that isn't enough, Olympus is also offering "instant rebates" up to $100 on digital SLR bundles and lenses - both online and at select retailers.

So if you have your eye on a digital camera this holiday season, check out the manufacturers' websites. You may find deals better than those in the stores.

Just one word of caution, though... many of these deals are short-lived. For instance, Minox is offering a different one-day-only deal on digital cameras and optics throughout the season. So you may have to check frequently to find the best deals.



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