Yes, Good-bye to Video Cameras

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Yes, Good-bye to Video Cameras

In my last post, I mused if digital video cameras might be an endangered species. Everything from digital point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated digital SLRs now offer HD video. And the results are impressive.

I just put my new little (4" x 2-/4" x 3/4") Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 through its paces during a New Year's trip to London. It put to rest forever my prejudice against cameras from "non-camera companies." And it also convinced me I'll never need a digital video camera again.

The ZR1 performed beautifuly as a digital video camera. The one drawback I encountered was it's weight. I found this little featherweight tough to hold steady when panning, zooming or changing shooting angles. Otherwise, it was great.

I've posted a short sample video on my YouTube account to give you an idea of the quality. The frame rate and resolution are both reduced, but it's clearly higher quality than my older clips.

If you'd like to see the clip, it's at

As for me, I don't see another digital video camera in my future.



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