3D Announcement at CES

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3D Announcement at CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas always provides a few interesting product announcements. This year's most interesting had a lack of detail, but certainly caught bloggers' attention.

Rochester's "Democrat and Chronicle" reports that digital video and camera maker, DXG Technology has announced it will be introducing a 3D digital camcorder sometime this year.

DXG is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of low-end digital still and and video cameras. And, true to form, the new 3D digital video cam should retail for under $200.

But, before you run out and order one, there's something you need to know. Like Fujifilm's 3D digital still camera, DXG's 3D video cam will require a special viewer... so you'll have to shell out another $200 to watch your movies in 3D.

Under the circumstances, it's a novelty item - and not a cheap one. But with the growing popularity of 3D in theaters, it's no surprise the consumer market is following along.



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