No Photos, Please

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No Photos, Please

If you're a digital photographer, two recent news stories should have you a little worried.

This week, nearly 2,000 photographers rallied in London. The reason? To protest police harrassment under Section 44 of Britain's Terrorism Act 2000. Over the last couple of years, police have apparently begun stopping and searching photographers in public places.

Taking photos in public places isn't against the law in Britain. But some members of the police have apparently been over-zealous in their desire to thwart terrorists.

A little closer to home, be careful if you decide to take a vacation photo on the Chicago Subway.

In spite of a written policy that specifically allows photography, Chicago's subways have sprouted signs asking riders to report anyone engaging in "excessive photography."

That sounds vague almost to the point of paranoia to me.

And this is coming on the heels of NY City's proposal to require $1 million in liability insurance and a permit anytime two or more people want to photograph on city property...

Yes, that's right. The Big Apple would, technically, require a permit and unaffordable insurance if you and your spouse wanted to spend an hour taking tourist photos in Times Square!

This is a trend that should worry anyone with a digital camera. If official paranoia gets much worse, you may belimited to shooting at home on weekends.

With the proper permits, of course.



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