Nikon Makes Move to DSLR Easy

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Nikon Makes Move to DSLR Easy

When you think about it, Nikon's D3000 is a natural step for the company that created the famous "Nikon School" progrm.

The D3000 is an entry level digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera that makes the move up from point-and-shots a snap.

"How?", you ask... By putting the classes in the camera.

Nikon's very affordable ($599 with an 18 - 55mm lens) D3000 lacks many of the features of advanced digital SLR's. But it offers far more creative flexibility than any point-and-shoot.

But what really sets it apart is how Nikon has taken advantage of the possibilities that digital processing offers. Like sufficient memory to put an entire SLR photography course into a camera.

Set the D3000 to "Guide" mode, and it will wallk you through how to get thebest shot in any number of situations. It's an easy way to create terrific photos - and you'll build your skills as a photographer along the way.

You can choose "Easy" or "Advanced" operation, depending on your mood or circumstances. And of course, you can just shoot by taking the camera out of "Guide" mode.

If you've considered moving up to the flexibility and power of a digital SLR, the D3000 makes it both easy and affordable.

In my opinion, the D3000's "Guide" mode is one of the smartest innovations of the digital photography movement.



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