Don't Go Shutter Crazy

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Don't Go Shutter Crazy

Back in the dark ages, when film ruled - you know, about 10 years ago - most photographers thought before they shot. You had 24 or 36 frames, and that was it for the roll. And then you had to pay to have those photos developed.

With digital cameras, the cost of an additional shot is virtually nothing. And that's led to photographers shooting like crazy - and thinking less about each shot.

Unfortunately, this shuteer-crazy mentality has a negative effect. People think less about their shots - and the overall quality of photography has suffered.

Even though you're shooting with a digital camera, light matters... composition matters.

Don't go shutter crazy just because you can. Think about your shots. Consider the composition; consider the effect of light. Will changing your angle or perspective make a more interesting photograph? Will aiting two minutes for the sun to move give you better light?

You can make your pictures stand out from the crowd simply by thinking a little more about your shot. While the rest of the world goes shutter crazy, give yourself a minute to think, and you'll create better digital photos.



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