High-end Focus Goes Really High-Tech

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High-end Focus Goes Really High-Tech

Digital cameras with fairly large sensors ("full-frame" and larger) tend to have the multi-focus points clustered near the center of the frame.

With this arrangement, using auto-focus, means you still have to shift your camera's position slightly to shoot an off-center subject. And this shift typically results in a very slight out-of-focus situation.

Hasselblad addresses this problem with it's H4D line of medium-format digital cameras. These cameras employ a yaw rate sensor.

Think of a yaw rate sensor as sort of a tiny gyroscope. It recognizes the camera's movements. The camera's APL (Absolute Position Lock) processor then uses this information to micro-adust your focus.

The result is near-perfect focus every time... even when you're shooting off-center subjects.

Features like this may seem like overkill to the average snapshooter. But they're exactly why top pros are willing to fork over the price of a compact car for high-end digital cameras like the Hasselblad.



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