Olympus Raises the Bar on Zooms... Again

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Olympus Raises the Bar on Zooms... Again

Olympus pretty much owned the digital superzoom category for a few years. Everyone else was busy playing catch-up.

But everyone caught up. And Olympus has found sales slipping of late. But they've gone and done it again. They've raised the bar even higher.

Meet the new SP-800 UZ. This superzoom sports a 30x (You read that right!) optical zoom lens. In 35mm terms, it's equivalent to 28mm - 840mm.

What's truly amazing, though, is the speed of the lens. It comes in at f/2.8 at the wide end (28mm) and a respectible f/5.6 at 840mm. That's faster than the competition on the wide side, and as fast as the competition at a zoom length far beyond their reach.

Toss in 1080i HD video, 27 scene modes, built-in noise reduction and dual image stabilizatoin... and I'd say Olympus is back in the game.

Or ahead of it.



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