Is There Still a Place for Film?

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Is There Still a Place for Film?

Back when I first worked for Qualex, Kodak's photofinishing arm, film was sacrosanct. Digital photography was an amusing entertainment... but nothing more.

Today, that attitude has long since been allocated to the rubbish heap. Digital photography has proven to be the equal - and even the better - of film.

So is there any place for film today?

I hope so. Every truly gifted art photographer I've known grew up on film. And many of them cling to large-format film. They've created - and continue to create - amazing works of art in their darkrooms.

Take my friend, David, for example. A photo he took of a chair - yes, a chair - is one of my favorites of all time.

Large format film photography demands a degree of patience and care that is almost entirely absent from digital photography.

Do I love digital photography? Yes. For my wildlife, architectural and travel shots, it's a boon.

But when truly moving art is the question... digital photography still can't hold a candle to large-format film.



2/20/2010 9:13:37 AM
Bill M said:

Wow, I cannot believe that your friends "grew up" on film. How old are you, my fellow lost wanderer from qualex???


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