Truly Rugged Digital

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Truly Rugged Digital

Yesterday, I ripped Pentax. Today, making a classic about face, I'll sing the company's praises. I'm talking about the latest upddate to Pentax's waterproof camera series, the W90.

Pentax has made worthy cameras for ages. The legendary K1000 was one of the last of the film hold-outs... and generations of photographers launched their careers on that workhorse.

But Pentax has been quietly carving a niche for itself in the digital world, too. In part, with some of the best all-weather digital cameras available.

The latest version - the Optio W90 - is a worthy successor to the line. Pentax just keeps extending the abilities of these rugged little cameras.

The 12 MP W90 features a 5x optical zoom that's completely internal. So it's still small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

Add in the fact that it's... shockproof to 4'... freeze-proof to 14 deg (F)... and waterproof to 20'. Now you're talking a seriously rugged little camera.

I'm not a fashionista, but the W90 scored style points with me, too. the nylon strap with carbiner is cool... but the pistachio-trimmed model got my greed glands going. It looks ready for action in any terrain.

If the W90's performance is anything like my old W-series camera, Pentax has another winner on its hands.



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