Kodak Loses Kiosk Battle, but...

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Kodak Loses Kiosk Battle, but...

The Wall Street Journal broke the news this week that Wal-Mart is quietly moving it's photo kiosk business to Hewlett Packard from Kodak.

So Kodak loses the kiosk battle... but who really loses here? If HP's photo services are as good as it's cameras, the real losers are likely to be consumers, who'll get cheaper prints... and "cheaper" is the operative word.

HP has been a perennial also-ran in the photo business - and for a reason. Like their computers, HP's photo efforts have been okay, but hardly spectacular.

Once again, it appears that Wal-Mart has put price before any other consideration. Price matters... but when it comes to family memories, is price the only consideration?

As for me, I'll go elsewhere for my prints.



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