What's Wrong With the iPad - No Digital Camera?

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What's Wrong With the iPad - No Digital Camera?

Well, the naysayers are at it again. The iPad is awful because it doesn't have a built-in digital camera.

The latest broadside comes from iNEWP - whoever they are. Like so many others before them, they claim the iPad is a failure because it doesn't have a camera.

But let's think about this for a moment. Rationally, I mean.

How cumbersome do you think a 9.5" x 7.5" camera would be? One that's only a half-inch think.

Not exactly the perfect dimensions for a camera, are they? Hardly. So why do all these people think the iPad should have an integrated camera when netbooks don't?

Frankly, the iPad can do almost anything a netbook can - and a lot of things netbooks can't.

Tens of thousands of apps aren't enough? They want a phone and camera integrated, too? Imagine if we held Microsoft-based devices to the same standard they're demanding of Apple? They'd all fail miserably.

Do you really need a digital camera built into your iPad? Hardly. It's dimensions simply don't make it a reasonable platform for a digital camera - though Apple may add one anyway.

Reason seems to have taken a back seat to insane jealousy.

As for me, I'll shoot pictures with my digital camera... then download the results to my iPad. And continue to wonder at how the anti-Apple crowd complains every time Apple creates a product that doesn't walk on water.



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